Grit Bins

To support local residents Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council have set aside funding for the provision of Grit Bins within the three villages.

Those who feel they would benefit from such a provision should check they are eligible by reading the ‘Grit Bin’ policy and complete the application form below:

Grit Bin Policy

Grit Bin Application Form

or from the Worth Valley Contact Point, 28 Changegate, Haworth, BD22 8DY.

Anyone wishing to receive or further information regarding the above should contact Lisa Balderstone.



The Parish Council runs the Rawdon Road and West Lane Allotment Sites in Haworth.  These allotments are in high demand and the Council is working hard to ensure that all the plots are utilised to their maximum potential.  The Village Warden is a regular visitor to both sites and ensures ongoing communication and liaison between the Council and its allotment holders.

Due to high demand, these allotments are reserved for use by residents of the Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish area.

If you are a resident of the Parish and would be interested in adding your name to the waiting list, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council.



In April 2018, the Parish Council took control of the toilets in Central Park and the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth.  This was in response to the overwhelming public response to Bradford MDC’s proposed closure of these blocks.  The Council feels that it is imperative that these essentials facilities are retained, not just for use by local people but also to help support the areas important tourist industry.

The Parish Council also owns the toilet blocks within Cross Roads Park.  We are very lucky to have a team of volunteers in place, who take responsibility for opening, closing and cleaning these blocks.


Village Hall

Haworth Village Hall situated on Butt Lane in the former Community Centre Building, is managed by a group of volunteers, who with the support of the Parish Council, have created a ‘Limited Company’ and are currently in the process of applying for ‘Charity Status’ to ensure the long term sustainability of the building.

The building is now well used, housing the Magic Garden Play Café and also being well used by a range of Community Groups and Organisations.

For more information, please visit