I have recently been working on a petition to re-introduce regular direct buses between Keighley and Halifax with a determined couple from the Cross Roads area. The last bus services between Keighley and Halifax were stopped in 2015. While there are still ways of bus travel between Keighley and Halifax by changing at the likes of Denholme, Bradford or Hebden Bridge, this can still mean a journey time of up to 2 hours. This is a considerable journey time amount when considering a direct journey between Keighley and Halifax only usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

In terms of our local area of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury, the return of buses between Halifax and Keighley can be beneficial for tourism with people from Halifax and its surrounding areas having an easier bus connection to our area. In terms of work, Keighley and Halifax are two of the biggest towns in the West Yorkshire area and with the return of a direct bus service, people from all areas covered by the bus would have the option to seek work in either of these towns. In terms of education, both Keighley and Halifax have colleges which younger people should have easier travel access to. In terms of leisure, there are countless great reasons to travel to either Keighley, the Worth Valley or Halifax to suit all ages, but with no bus service being provided, people will only feel less inclined to travel to these places.

So far, the response has been fantastic and there have been hundreds of local people signing petition sheets across the area. The campaign has also been covered in the T&A and will be in the Keighley News on Thursday 3 March. (http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/14305401.Couple_start_petition_calling_for_revival_of_regular__direct_bus_service_between_Keighley_and_Halifax/)

Should you wish to sign the petition, please see a list below of local businesses where this can be signed.

These can be found in;
Cross Roads Post Office (Cross Roads with Lees)
Mr Shah’s Newsagents, (Cross Roads with Lees)
Southams, (Cross Roads with Lees)
The 3 Acres Pub & Restaurant – Lees Moor (Cross Roads with Lees)
Spar (Haworth)
Cullingworth Post Office (Cullingworth)
Cullingworth Newsagents (Cullingworth)

We will be collecting all petition sheets back on Tuesday 15 March. Once collected, we will be sending the petition sheets to local bus companies.

Councillor Connor Hughes
Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council