On this page you can view Parish Councillor contact details, as well as details for Bradford Council’s Ward Councillors and the Member of Parliament for the constituency. For details of individual Parish Council member responsibilities please open this document.

Haworth Councillors

Cllr Gary Swallow

Cllr Gary Swallow

01535 647066     Email

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Cllr David Mahon

Cllr David Mahon – Chair

01535 648067     Email

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Cllr Andy Longdon

Cllr Andy Longden

Tel 07751841929   Email

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Cllr David Senior

Cllr David Senior

Tel 01535 642057     Email

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Cross Roads Councillors

Cllr Tito Arana

Cllr Tito Arana – Vice Chair

07811 263830     Email

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Cllr Peter Clarke

Cllr Peter Clarke

01535 644868     Email

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Stanbury Councillors

Cllr Sarah Cotton

Cllr Sarah Cotton

Tel 01535 644446     Email

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District Ward Councillors

Cllr Rusell Brown

Cllr Russell Brown

01535 646074     Email

Cllr Chris Herd

Cllr Chris Herd

07970 822765     Email

Cllr Rebecca Poulsen

Cllr Rebecca Poulsen

01535 647756     Email

Member of Parliament

John Grogan MP

John Grogan

Member of Parliament for Keighley and Ilkley

01535 211152     Email

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